We specialise in quality promotional gifts, branded merchandise and clothing for evolving companies.

Silver Lining was formed in South Africa in 1989 and expanded to the UK in 2019. The aim of the company was simple, to provide a unique experience to customers. Since its inception, Silver Lining expanded to provide additional services to customers around the world which presented new opportunities by partnering with a number of companies in the industry.

The team has since grown to form a niche company still upholding the same values from when it started, driven by passion first and foremost, quality is paramount and integrity is our core.

Our Team

Leigh Ferreira

Chief Happiness Officer/MD

Leigh is the companies’ MD but also prides herself on being the Chief Happiness Officer. Leigh has a passion for people which can be felt with the company culture. Perfection and impeccable attention to detail are one of the reasons the company has performed and continues to grow, dedication to customers like this is hard to find.

Leonard Pascoe

Lead Designer

Leonard Pascoe is no ordinary person, bridging the gap between technical and design, he provides customers with intuitive guidance through every aspect of their project. Leonard also has a keen eye for detail and thrives on delivering quality to the customer.

Marilyn Roberts

Director of Magic and Miracles

Marilyn was the original founder of the company starting from humble beginnings in a converted garage. She is the heart of the company and brings a smile to everyone she meets, people gravitate towards her. Marilyn has a solid business acumen and takes pride in the company that has run for more than two decades, she has the biggest heart in the company.

Candy Webster

Chief Dream Creator

Candy has impeccable customer service, she always goes above and beyond for our clients. Can’t find what you are looking for . . . Candy will find the solution. She is such a happy soul and definitely boosts morale in the office.

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